Knowledge is power!
Once you know what you are dealing with, it is so much easier to overcome the challenges.

Let me share my journey, it might inspire you to start yours!

"Fear is incomplete knowledge"

Agatha Christie

Hi, I'm Karlien

I am a Highly Sensitive Person, embracing that trait fully to live my best life and help others do so as well.

I have always done just well enough to live a fairly comfortable life and have a decent enough wage in an international company. But I never had lots of financial freedom, and most importantly, I never felt fulfilled.
I love life, but I also know the road can be rocky from time to time. Having been through several health issues myself, I learnt the hard way that not making decisions to better your life, can seriously dammage your health and joy.

I never chased climbing up higher in the corporate world, but I am immensely ambitious and passionate about helping people transform their lives. Making them aware of the incredible intrinsique power we all have and all can use to become master of our circumstances . One day I discovered that I could easily make a business out of my passion, and that transformed my life completely. In stead of struggling through my office days, I am so much happier now. i feel fulfilled and wake up with a smile every morning, knowing I can spend my day working on what I love doing most.

I moved to a green area away from all the busyness but meanwhile I am connected to the world so much more than ever before.
Navigating this immense and complex world is always easier when you don't have to walk it alone.
Reach out to those who can help empower you!


I have always been incredibly passionate about who we are as human beings. Why we do what we do and how we can make our lives better.

Regardless of what my surroundings were thinking and doing to be successful, I had to follow my gut. So I started attending training courses for self-development. I became a Ki-trainer (inner strength), an aura healer, and just recently now also a heart coherence trainer.
I am constantly learning eagerly about HSP and about different tools and methods that can easily and quickly help people in their day.